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Below are listed the dates and locations of upcoming Noah's Ark and Early Man Seminars. Unless otherwise indicated the majority of the seminars are presented before congregations of the United Church of God.  Many of the hosting locations/congregations have Web pages.  Please click on the location/congregation link to access the webpage for details about specific times, meeting locations, and maps. If the hosting congregation does not have a web page click on UCG local churches to obtain the Pastor's name and telephone number.

Noah's Ark & Early Man Seminar *  Locations        Dates

Phoenix, AZ & Northern Arizona*                                8-11-07

Denver-Loveland-Colorado Springs, CO                        8-04-07

Toronto-Ottawa-Hamilton-Buffalo, Canada                       7-1-06

Minneapolis, MN (Building Bridges)*                            6-10-06

Charlotte, Asheboro, Greensboro, Hickory,

       Raleigh, NC and Columbia, Augusta,

       Florence, SC*                                                       5-20-06

St. Louis-Kansas City-Columbia, MO*                         3-26-05

Cincinnati North/East, OH                                             3-19-05

Ambassador Bible Center

           Cincinnati, OH                                                3-17,18-05

United Church of God Winter Family Weekend

            Louisville, KY*                                                 12-25-04

Birmingham-Gadsden, AL                                         11-20-04

Guanajuato, Mex. (Tabernacles)*                                  10-06-04

Garden Grove, CA*                                                     8-21-04

Columbus-Cambridge, OH*                                         7-24-04

Ambassador Bible Center

           Cincinnati, OH                                                7-22,23-04

Flint, Detroit, Ann Arbor, Lansing, Kalamazoo,

            & Grand Rapids, MI                                         6-19-04

Louisville-Henderson, KY*                                           4-24-04

Corpus Christi, TX*                                                        3-27-04

West Palm Beach-Miami, FL*                                      3-13-04

Phoenix, AZ (Building Bridges)*                                    1-17-04

Coleman, TX*                                                              1-10-04

Lexington, KY Winter Weekend 2003                        12-27-03


Portland, OR*                                                            11-22-03


Austin-Waco, TX*                                                         9-6-03


Corpus Christi, TX                                                       8-23-03


Phoenix, AZ (Building Bridges)       

            And Northern Arizona UCG                               8-2-03

Giving and Sharing (Phone Broadcast)*                           7-19-03

Calgary, Alberta Canada*                                               7-5-03

Indianapolis, IN *                                                         6-14-03

St. Paul-Minneapolis, MN                                             5-17-03

Sacramento, CA-Reno, NV                                          4-26-03

Boston-Worcester, MA*                                             3-29-03

New Orleans-Slidell, LA                                                3-8-03

Williamsburg, VA                                                         2-22-03

Giving and Sharing (Phone Broadcast)*                           2-15-03

East Texas (Big Sandy, Gilmer,

        Gladewater, Tyler, Texarkana)                                2-8-03

Spokane, Coeur d'Alene, WA*                                    1-18-03

Lexington, KY  Winter Weekend 2002*                       12-28-02

Terre Haute-Lafayette, IN *                                          12-21-02

Eugene, OR                                                                11-30-02

Minneapolis, MN  (Building Bridges)                             11-9-02

Giving and Sharing (Phone Broadcast)                         10-19-02

Bethlehem, Harrisburg, Lewistown, PA*                       8-10-02

Terre Haute-Lafayette, IN                                             4-27-02

St. Petersburg-Tampa, FL                                             3-23-02

Big Sandy (Independent CoG) *                                       2-9-02

Big Sandy (Independent CoG)                                      1-19-02

Akron-Youngstown, OH *                                            12-22-01

Nashville, TN *                                                             11-17-01

Canton, IL                                                                    7-14-01

Dallas South & North, TX                                             6-23-01

Nashville, TN                                                                5-12-01

Portsmouth, OH                                                            4-21-01

Houston North, TX                                                       2-10-01

Waco, TX (Central Texas COG)                                    2-3-01

Orlando, FL                                                                    1-2-01

Cincinnati, OH  Winter Weekend                                12-20-00

Akron-Youngtown, OH                                              11-18-00

Waco, TX                                                                    11-4-00

Acapulco, Mex. (Tabernacles)                                    10-16-00

Victoria, TX                                                                  9-16-00

Amarillo & Lubbock, TX                                                9-9-00

Austin, TX                                                                    8-26-00

Corpus Christi & Harlingen, TX                                    8-19-00

Lovington, NM & Odessa, TX                                      7-15-00

Ft. Worth, TX                                                                 6-3-00

Tulsa, OK                                                                     5-27-00

Edmond & Oklahoma City, OK                                    5-26-00

Houston South, TX                                                       3-11-00

San Antonio, TX                                                             1-8-00

UCG Teton's  Challenger Camp                                      8-7-99

Corpus Christi, TX, Youth Bible Study                          6-16-99

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